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Welcome to the official website of the master "Management of European Affairs" at Lille University, France. It is a two year  interdisciplinary master program in Economics and Management. It is possible to join the master in M1 or directly in M2 for students already holding 240 ECTS or with an extensive professional experience.

The aim of the master is to educate tomorrow's high-level Experts and/ or Managers able to respond to the highest requirements of companies, institutions or other authorities concerned by all areas influenced by European decision-making processes.

The European Union is one of the major stakeholder in the world. In fact, each member state has to apply regulations enacted by the European Union institutions. Each field of the European life is concerned: the agriculture, the business, the health, the environment, the movement of persons... Managing a company or dealing in the European market requires a deep understanding of the European Union system. Hundreds jobs are created every year in the European institutions (the Parliament, the European Commission, the Court of justice...). Indirectly, more than thousand new jobs are created yearly in worldwide institutions and in business companies, linked with the European Union. In the public or the private field of the economic life, the European Union takes an important place.

The Master is intended either for French students aiming at an international career or non-French students who wish to acquire knowledge and competences in regional integration processes, of which the European Union is the best existing example so far. The program aims also at educating students, who will choose an academic career through a research track.

Quentin DAVID, Head of the master.

Video shooted by students of the master for their class of "Project Management":