Careers and testimonies of alumnis

"The Master MEA helped me to improve my knowledge about the decision making process in European Institution, it strengthened my management skills, and allowed me to understand how European projects are planed, organised and implemented."

Sebastien Raemdonck - European Project Manager (Interreg, EYES and SBS projects) - ACS Wattrelos - promotion 2017 -

"After a first Erasmus experience, I wanted to find out more about the European Union. The master allowed me to expand my knowledge about the EU and its internal mechanisms, within a multicultural atmosphere and through inspirational speakers"

Alexis Dievart, Finance Unit Assistant - Interreg 2 Seas - promotion 2017 -

"I started MEA being a newbie in "European Union" subject and I wasn't sure at al all of what kind of job I could have. After the MEA, my professionnal background has been fine-tuned and it was totally expected.Therefore it has been a trigger for my professional career".

Magdalena Salik, Partnerships and European funding officer (Inria) - promotion 2009 -

"What the Master has provided me the most is the international and intercultural openness, which I would have experienced relatively little during my initial career at Sciences Po."

Marine Cornelis, Executive Director (Next Energy Consumer) - promotion 2009 -

"The knowledge that provides the Master MEA and its network have facilitated my obtention of a traineeship at the European Commission"

Joffrey ZAMBA - Lecturer at Lille University and Executive Project Manager - promotion 2008 (first promotion) -

"The Master of European Affairs gave me the opportunity not only to get the basics of EU policy making but also its interactions with economic affairs, which is key when you know the European Union is a Union of law and economics, in the first place. Now working in Brussels within an EU institution, I confirm that having an economic background associated to my EU strong knowledge was definitely an added value."

Aurore Chardonnet, promotion 2008 (first promotion) -